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dscn1087I am a young twenty-something year old, currently living the life of a full time dreamer part time traveller(with the hope of swapping my full time and part time gigs). I grew up in Zimbabwe and moved to England when I was 16. Prior to this move, I visited England either in the summer holidays or over Christmas. As it was the only holiday I was in England, my parents ensured that with each visit we had a trip to a different part of the country, this combined with the multiple school trips I went on, planted in me the seed of exploration. Reading grew within me a desire to explore the different cultures, foods, landscapes and general lifestyles of some of the cities and towns I read about. When I started school in England I went on a language exchange and spent a couple of weeks exploring and working in Lille, France. I discovered that the fresh pastries, cheese options and art galleries were as good and as accessible like the books said (sadly, I was still too young to try the wine). Working there gave me the opportunity to interact with locals who showed me some local haunts and told me more about life in France. With this trip, the seedling of my passion for travel started to grow.

Being from Zimbabwe I am not proud to admit that I only managed to undertake a tour of the main tourist sites of Zimbabwe in 2013 after I had to admit to many people I met that I had actually never seen the Victoria Falls (better late than never though!). I was CIMG1495awestruck by the majestic views of the Falls and the multitudes of elephants roaming on the roads in Hwange. It was then Sometimes we venture far afield and take the beauty on our own doorstep for granted. I love visiting new places, meeting new people, learning about different histories and cultures, tasting local foods, as well as exploring beautiful landscapes and water bodies. I love the way that every place I visit teaches me something new about the world and challenges my beliefs or preconceptions. I remember the first time I saw clear blue water from a tour bus in Cape Town and thinking ‘my goodness blue water is not always photo shopped’-I had never seen beaches with such clear water before.

Why start this blog?

At school I was lucky enough to make friends with other people who were just as enthusiastic about travel, they taught me quite early on that travel is not just for the wealthy but that there are creative ways to travel and make funds stretch. Initially I was sceptical, but I went on a few trips in Europe and around the UK for the next few years exploring and experimenting with different styles of travel. I have been on enough trips now to be able to agree that unless your goal is to spend as much money as possible you do not have to break the bank in order to travel.  For those of you who are as sceptical as I was, who still believe that exploration may just be for the well off, I just want to let you know that…there are so many ways to reduce the cost of your travels without losing the enjoyment… But if you do want to splurge-then this too is possible. I love adventures, challenges and off the beaten track type exploration and this blog aims to share not only my actual travel adventures or misadventures but occasionally my thought processes or learnings in navigating towards my next travel or life adventure. There is a standard way many people do things but what fun is that? I occasionally try to use my creativity to achieve what I need to, this is not just in relation to travel but in life general. I don’t always want to use someone else’s cookie cutter, I want to create my own.

I will aim to share with you the different accommodation, food and other activity costs. Through sharing of my experiences and learning’s I would like to challenge, inspire and motivate others to view themselves as capable of achieving whatever their hearts desire. I am not always fully confident when setting off on new adventures but my desire for adventure usually overwhelms my fear. May your desire to achieve, exceed your excuse not to take action immediately!

I look forward to interacting with you





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