Journey of Discovery

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Journey of Discovery

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The world is like a book, and those that do not travel only read the first page. A quote by St Augustine that has been echoed time and time again by various travel writers and many who have been stung by the travel bug. Having explored a few countries in Asia, Africa and America its a sentiment I fully agree with. There is so much to see and experience, from- natural beauty, the variation of cultures as well as uncovering how societies were built, which can totally bust some of the myths we may have believed about certain societies or cultures.

For the last ten years, I have dreamt of dedicating my time to reading a few more chapters in this ‘world book’ and allowing it to help develop me into a less fearful, compassionate individual who can relate to and is knowledgeable about different people and their cultures, one who can contribute to society from a position of shared experience, knowledge and understanding as well as marvel at some of the amazing natural wonders of the world. Having spent years drooling over other people’s travel itineraries, I am finally in a position to start my own adventure. The stars have finally aligned and I am able to take on my very first ‘mini retirement’.

The idea of a ‘mini retirement’ was introduced to me in Tim Ferris’ ‘Four Hour Work Week’. He talks about the idea of taking occasional breaks in one’s career or business to focus on things that you want to do, enabling one to grow in a direction of their desire. For me, at this stage in my life, that would be traveling, working in different communities and absorbing as much as I can from my surroundings. He talks about how people save the things they want to do till they retire, however for a large majority of people they cannot fulfil these desires because of ill-health in their older age, lack of money, increased responsibilities or sometimes just an accumulation of fear. He therefore suggests the idea of mini retirements to encourage people to spread their enjoyment of life and growth throughout their lives and not to leave it to the very end of their life. In his book, he describes how one can set themselves up to be able to do this.

I am someone who likes to set personal goals so even this trip will not be truly authentic to me if I didn’t outline some desired outcomes. A few key things that I am hoping to come out of my travels which I will review at the end of the year to confirm if I managed to fulfil. Key Objectives:

Reassess my why: Solo travel puts me in uncomfortable situations that force me to really challenge my beliefs and the decisions I make. Travel challenges me to assess whether my decisions are my own or have been conditioned. Also through reflection, the work I choose to do and interacting with different people, hopefully it will help me reconnect with my why.

Creative Projects: Spend time creating content using various media.

Learning about other cultures: Working in different communities and getting under the skin of how people do life in other countries. Learning and sharing more about the history that has shaped them into being. Information on what they believe makes them unique, recommendations for people to visit in each country and random key facts

Food: As a lover of food my trip will not be complete without a number of cooking classes, tasting random foods and also understanding the foods that shape the regions I visit. Therefore, for research and information purposes I will have to eat lots and more.

Promoting Travel: As a black african female I would love to encourage people to explore more of the world that we have been created to inhabit. I aim to share tips on how to do this without breaking the bank. You do not need to sacrifice your left leg or sleep on the streets (unless that is part of your chosen adventure) but through deliberate action and clarity on your reasons for travel you can probably make this happen for less than you think.


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A young twenty-something year old, living the life of a full time dreamer, part time traveller (with the hope of swapping my full time and part time gigs). I have had adventures and misadventures exploring differences in culture, cuisines as well as varying landscapes in England and beyond. I hope to provide some useful points of consideration for travel through sharing my experiences but more importantly, I hope to be able to challenge, inspire and motivate you to believe that you are capable of achieving whatever you set your heart on.

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