Tan y Fron Glamping in Doglellau, Wales

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Tan y Fron Glamping in Doglellau, Wales

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As it was summer, I fancied a bit of an outdoor adventure. Since spending time in Cardiff at the beginning of the year with Traverse, I had been reminded how diverse Wales was and my friends agreed to venture that way, but not quite in the way I envisioned.

The weather was good and all I wanted was to have only a piece of cloth separate me from the stars above. ‘What about a camping trip’ I suggested to my friends, which was met with the enthusiasm of a wet rag. This was a step too far and therefore we managed to come to a compromise and settled on some form of glamping. We would stay in camping pods and sleep on sleeping mats and in sleeping bags.

We stayed at Tan y Fron Camping Pods located in Dolgellau, North West of Wales. This was a campsite with about four camping pods, some holiday homes and a few pitches to set up tents. We got there quite late at night and the owner did not particularly appreciate our arrival at such an ungodly hour. It was so dark, with only twinkles of stars for light, but we managed to fumble into the pod. At this point we realised that this was going to be extreme glamping as the pod had a light switch, a tv, electric sockets and heating. We drew the line at watching tv-this was not happening on this trip.

Getting up in the morning and stepping out of the pod we were pleasantly drawn in by the views. There were hills and farmland with livestock for as far as our eyes could see.

imagine waking up to views like this every morning

There was a site shop on the property that sold basic camping goods including food, gas cannisters and ice. As I had foreseen the outdoor holiday lifestyle, therefore I’d purchased a portable gas stove. All my knowledge and understanding of how gas stoves and compatibility with different apparatus (i.e. none) led me to buy the wrong gas canister, unless I was hoping to be embarking on an mini-engineering project to make the two compatible. Luckily for me, the site owner was able to advise and hook us up with the right cannister. The campsite there was also a laundromat, toilet and shower block which was generally quite clean.

breakfast prep in action

Less than a 5 minute drive from the campsite was a small town which had quaint little shops, including a fresh vegetable market, butchery and bakery.

i am a sucker for old brick buildings and narrow roads….someone say quaint?

fresh meat from the butchery anyone?

Admittedly I had taken the relaxation ‘don’t care attitude’ a step too far as I only realised on our way back to the campsite that I was still in my PJs.

who says you cant present breakfast pretty when out in the sticks?

A delicious breakfast with all the works was made and enjoyed while we sat in the fresh open air overlooking the farmland and hills. After breakfast we headed on some local excursions with the car. The vegetation was lush and thick and it really reminded me of driving in Zimbabwe many years ago.

There were streams, lakes and hills which we all took in and savoured. There was no network in the area as well so we really were left to just be at one with nature! Our drive led us to Mount Snowdon where we challenged our tested what our bodies were made of by hiking up the mountain (rather than taking the perfectly functional train) Amazing!


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