Intentional Activity List (a.k.a Bucket List)

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Intentional Activity List (a.k.a Bucket List)

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After watching Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman about three years ago I was really intrigued by the idea of creating a bucket list of things I would like to do. While watching the film I was aroused and really felt that sense of excitement and achievement with them as they ticked things off their list.

I know that for others, the idea of creating bucket seems a bit morbid but I have to say I actually liked thinking of things that would be really great to do. My focus is not on the ‘kicking the bucket’ but on the things I would like to do while I am still full of life and health. Putting the ideas to paper whether or not I think I can currently physically, emotionally, financially or mentally do everything on it and sharing the list with people who could possibly partner up in undertaking some of the craziness on this list excites me. One thing I realised when writing up my ‘Intentional Activity List’ is that it wasn’t just the big things I wanted to capture, but also the little things that are pretty cool but don’t somehow get round to doing. There are a few things that I have already achieved in the last three years which I have marked .


1) Work/live in France for at least 3 months

2) Visit LA

3) Do the route 66

4) Visit Australia

5) Visit Thailand













6) Visit the Grand Canyon

7) Visit the fjords of Norway

8) Visit Jerusalem/Israel (Bible Tour)

9) Shopping Trip in NY

10) Live in China/South Korea

11) Go on a round the world trip and visit all 5 continents

12) Travel around Africa (East and West Africa)


13) Get involved in a horse riding/dressage competition

14) Go snowboarding

15) Go on an intensive training course in Muay Thai or other martial art

16) Learn a martial art (WIP)

17) Run a half marathon

18) Run a marathon

19) Learn to play golf

20) Complete a triathlon

21) Learn to salsa well (WIP)

22) Complete Tough Mudder

23) Take up yoga

24) Play in a squash tournament

25) Fight in an amateur boxing competition

26) Compete in a dancing competition

27) Speed drive a fast car on the race track

28) Play in a basketball team again

29) Learn to fire a rifle or shot gun

30) Go clay pigeon shooting

Activity and Adventure

31) Sky dive

32) Learn to fly a helicopter

33) Bungee jump










34) Go on a hot air balloon

35) Go on a helicopter ride (over the Vic Falls)

36) Walk across the Great Wall of China

37) White water rafting

38) Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef

39) Go on a camping tour of the Amazon rainforest

40) Ride an elephant

41) Go to a superball game

42) Go to an NBA game

43)Go to a major title boxing fight

44) Go to a football game











45) Go to a rugby game (local and international)

46) Go on safari


47) Ride a camel

48) Ride a motorbike (ok it was a scooter but it was close enough)

49) Go camping

50) Work on a farm

51) Work on a building project

52) Go to a game at Wimbledon

53) Hike up Mt Kilimanjaro

54) Hike up Mt Everest

Culture/Chilling Type Vibes

55) Go to a charity ball

56) Go on the London Eye

57) Go to the Ascot races

58) Shop at Harrods

59) See a play in the West End (Billy Elliot, Wicked)

60) See a play in Broadway

61) Learn to meditate


62) Join a photography club

63) Read the new testament

64) Go to a property investment seminar

65) Start my own business

66) Start and regularly update a blog (WIP)

67) Organise an event

68) Join Toastmasters

69) Get an MBA

70) Redevelop a house

71) Develop expertise in Risk Management

72) Create a trust fund for each of my children

73) Be in a position to retire at 50

74) Speak fluent French

75) Learn Mandarin

76) Start a youtube channel


77) Watch every movie that has ever won ‘Best Picture’ in the Grammy’s

78) Watch all seasons of Desperate Housewives

79) Volunteer in a soup kitchen

80) Volunteer with Crisis at Christmas

90) Learn to cook 2 dishes from scratch from (Indian, Thai, Italian, Nigerian, Greek, Mexican, Kenyan, English and French) cuisine.

91) Buy a house

92) Contribute my heart’s desire on the work around the ‘safe house’, ‘dreamspace’ (this is a bit cryptic I know…watch this space)

I wish I could say that this list was exhaustive but I as I grow and learn more about different things and the world around me, new adventures unravel themselves and tickle my fancy. However for now this is my list and I will make it a point to review and update it to ensure that everything on it is still relevant and will also share my experiences in ticking some of these activities off the list.

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A young twenty-something year old, living the life of a full time dreamer, part time traveller (with the hope of swapping my full time and part time gigs). I have had adventures and misadventures exploring differences in culture, cuisines as well as varying landscapes in England and beyond. I hope to provide some useful points of consideration for travel through sharing my experiences but more importantly, I hope to be able to challenge, inspire and motivate you to believe that you are capable of achieving whatever you set your heart on.

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